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Chris Fox, Chase Millsap, and Dustin (a current SOF military training instructor) discuss the JFK Challenge with Doug Orchard. Doug is a filmmaker who has directed and produced The Motivation Factor: Becoming Smart, Productive, and Mentally Stable. Doug teaches us about the history of physical education in schools, and how President John F. Kennedy championed a fitness revolution in over 4,000 American schools in the 1963-1967. The goal of The Motivation Factor is to launch a new “Great National Effort” that uses physical education to address many of the ailments in our society today. The groups discusses the implications of such an effort on national security, public health, and American veterans. (The podcast should begin streaming automatically. If not, you can click this link to download or listen on iTunes)


Guest – 16 April 2016

Doug Orchard

Doug Orchard

Director and Producer

Doug Orchard directed the breakthrough CRE documentary film, Revenue Reserve: Because Things Go Wrong (2014) and Truth About Pandemic Flu (2009). The Motivation Factor is now in post-production, and is expected to be in theaters by the end of 2016. Doug is an expert researcher with an MLS from Indiana University, Bloomington and he has a BA in English from Brigham Young University.

Doug has also created films for a variety of corporations including Apple, Atlantic Health Systems, Deloitte & Touche, EDS, Ernst & Young, HealthNet, IBM, Lockheed, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Sun, Viacom and hundreds of others. He also serves a a filmmaker for a large number of law firms across the United States.

Students moved through the program based on a color scale: white shorts were for rookies, while red, blue, purple, and gold signaled serious ability. White shorts had to do a minimum of six pull-ups. Today, a Marine can pass a physical doing only three. Most boys, Orchard says, got to at least red. Getting to blue was a big deal; gold athletes were “crazy impressive.” Those who wanted a rare Navy Blue rank had to do 34 pull-ups and carry someone on their back for five miles. Only 19 students in the history of the school ever earned one.

As promised in the podcast, here is the powerful teaser video for Doug’s film. This went viral on social media last year with over 40 million views. If you like the mission, you can learn more about the #JFKchallenge on the Lean Beret website and support the film on Indiegogo.


Here is an excerpt from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports governing the #JFKchallenge Motivation Factor in 1963. These were the testing standards that applied to the Red (intermediate) team. White = Novice, Red = Intermediate, and Blue = Expert. Notice that there is a required “B” grade-point average included.

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Chris Fox is a Project Coordinator at USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy, where he recently graduated with an MPA. Prior to that, he was a research fellow at the DHS Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE), where his focus was on homegrown violent extremism. He also holds a BA in Psychology and an AAS in Information Systems Management. Chris served for seven years as a TACP, is a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and continues to serve as a JTAC Instructor in the Texas Air National Guard.