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Operator is a term thrown around a lot these days. Initially, it referred to Tier 1 graduates of OTC but these days any individual who carries a firearm for their profession seems to be eligible for the title. Also called “rebels”, “yankees”, “patriots”, and continentals”, the Soldiers who drove off the Crown in the fight for our Independence possessed an elite group of their own known as Knowlton’s Rangers, led by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Knowlton. Although LTC Knowlton was killed in action on September 16, 1776 during a battle against British Highlanders and German Hessians, the elite unit carried on his name.

10% of the profit from this product will be donated to Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a non-profit charity organization that provides college scholarships for the surviving children of fallen Special Operations Forces, Family & Educational counseling, including in-home tutoring, as well as advocacy support, and immediate $3,000 financial grants to severely-wounded Special Operations Forces service members

This American Apparel t-shirt is the smoothest and softest t-shirt you’ll ever wear. Made of fine jersey, it has a durable, vintage feel. These classic-cut shirts are known for their premium quality, as well as ability to stand up to a washing machine (will maintain size and color after many washes).
• Fine jersey
• Slim fit
• Double stitched
• made in the USA, sweatshop free